Diverse background  in science & technology encompassing engineering, IT  and health sciences.

Have been adversely affected by the electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Symptoms included spells of headaches and nausea triggered by relatively short periods of exposure.

Over the past  seven years, have been following the proliferation of wireless technologies and emerging scientific evidence on the detrimental effects of EMF on human health. At the same time  keeping up to date with various solutions designed to reduce exposure to EMF and associated health risks.

Have undertaken in depth studies of EMF including its effects, detection, prevention and  reduction of exposure and constantly looking for better and safer ways to use technology.

Technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace.  It offers many benefits yet exposes us and our families to growing health risks. It may take years for  the full impact of EMR exposure to become obvious and undeniable. Unfortunately by that time many people may have developed irreversible health conditions with serious personal and financial consequences.

I believe that in order to reduce EMF exposure and associated risks, while still enjoying the benefits technology has to offer, we need to educate ourselves on  potential adverse effects,  and apply practical technological and behavioural preventive and protective  measures.

Dr. Jon





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