EMF links

EMF info:

Electrisense – Down to earth EMF information and advice

No Rad 4 U – Comprehensive EMF information and advice

Dr. Magda Havas – Dr Havas is one of the leading researchers in the area of EMF’s health impact

Dr. Mercola’s EMF site – One of most popular health related sites

Dr. Sam Milham’s site on “dirty electricity” – A physician and epidemiologist with over 50 years experience

The Bio Initiative Report 2012 -The most comprehensive and up to date evidence based report summarizing data from 1800 scientific papers on EMF’s health impact

 EMF Reports and Research:

Research on dirty electricity  – Presented by Stetzer the co-inventor of the Stetzerizer dirty electricity removal filter

A fact sheet with information about electric and magnetic fields From power lines, building wiring, appliances, and other electrical equipment in residential settings. By the California Department of Health Services and the Public Health Institute

Cell Phone Radiation EMF exposure illustrations and  advice in the Inspiration Green website

EMF citizen action and legal issues:

Electromagnetic Health Organisation -A non profit organization representing citizens concerned about the proliferation of wireless technologies and their impact on health.

Mast Sanity – a citizen UK charity – helping communities fighting both the multinationals and the chaotic planning system with relation to the reckless uncontrolled proliferation of microwave telecommunication networks

Conflict of interest related to RF/EMR and IARC – From the International EMF alliance –  a summary of a study by Dr. Don Waisch   on the conflict of interest related to RF/EMR and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC),


What is earthing ? – An introduction by the Earthing Research Institute

Dr. Oschman and Dr. Mercola   –  discussing earthing

The Earthing Research Institute  – detailed research page

An excellent review on earthing by Electrisense

A word of caution regarding grounding pads and sheets – An article that points out that incorrect application of earthing sheets and pads with relation to the source of an EMF field can be counter productive or even increase the exposure to EMR . Furthermore,  it points out that any grounding for any type of shielding should be tested and installed only by a qualified electrician to prevent danger of fatal electrocution. Courtesy of Electrisense.com.

“Smart” meters:

Smart Meter Dangers website – A comprehensive site dedicated to providing  information to the public about health hazards and other problems related to wireless smart meters

Smart meter ALERT

Smart meter report from Dr Magda Havas

a Submission to California Council for Science and Technology (CCST) as part of a Technical Response Team

Smart meter report from Dr Mercola
A summary of Law and Public Policy (NISLAPP) new report entitled Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid authored by Dr. Timothy Schoechle

Comprehensive smart-meter info by Norad4U

Smart meter report from Electrisense

EMF’s devastating impact on the environment, pollination and agriculture

 The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollution, by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, 

Alternative and Complementary health  approaches:
Mercola.com  – the worlds no. 1 health website
The Gawler foundation  – an integrated approach to health healing and well-being


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